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If you planning a rent a car for holiday trip, vacation in Croatia, traveling with children, please check our extras you might need on your way. Check what you may rent together with your car and make your trip safe and comfortable. Optional car rental equipment and accessories are available at our rent a car locations in Croatia and can be very useful during your travel in Croatia.


Child seats

Upon request, NOVA rent a car branch will offer the following types of child seats:

For infants - 0 up to 12 months (0-13 kg)

For children from 12 months up to 4 years (9-23 kg)

For children from 5 up to 12 years (15- kg)

All you need to do while booking your car to select right child seat. Even if you miss to do this we will do our best to help you with this extra, depending on availability. The child seat rental cost is 8,00 EUR daily.


GPS Navigation

Having a GPS – Sat Navigation device with you, will make your trip in foreign country much easier.

We offer a multi-language TomTom/Garmin navigation set. Remember to ask for a GPS navigation system while you book your car at Nova rent a car office, and if you book online, just select it in „Recommended extras” section.

The cost of a GPS device is only 10.00 EUR daily.


Wi-fi mobile hotspot

The rechargeable Wi-Fi units offer secure, high-speed internet coverage for up to five hours and units come with a USB cable for recharging and it can connect up to 5 devices at once. Working only in Croatia.

The cost of a Wi-Fi device is only 10.00 EUR daily.


Safety during winter time

For continental locations and areas with winter conditions and high chance of snow and ice in Croatia between 15/11 -15/04 winter/snow tires are mandatory and will be charged according to price list (4.00 EUR per day). Although for seaside region it is not required that you drive on winter tires, it is a good idea to be safe and sound specially when renting a car, since weather during winter in Croatia often changes. Please note that you do not have to be worried if you accidentally did not select them during your booking process, they will be added on pick up.


Additional driver

Only the renter holds the right to drive the rented car. Additional drivers must be added at the time of pick-up, in order to put their details into the contract. All additional drivers must comply with age and driver's license issuance restrictions as applied to the main renter.

With NOVA rent a car, the cost of each additional driver added to the rental agreement is 7.00 EUR per day.


Young driver surcharge

All drivers between 18 and 21 years of age are subject to additional "Young driver surcharge" of 10.00 EUR per day. When entering your age during booking process this is automatically added to your reservation. Same is for senior drivers older than 76.


Rent a car delivery/collection on your location

This option is available, but needs prior confirmation by Nova rent a car since it is not available through the online reservation system. In order to request it, please contact our Reservation Center.


After hour pick-up/return

This charge of 40.00 EUR net per rental is valid for all NOVA Rent a Car branches and applies to pick -up and return outside the office working hours. When booking, it is automatically added to your reservation.


Cross border/green card permit

NOVA rent a car may permit you to cross the border with the rental car. This varies according to car categories and the countries you wish to visit. Please note that for some of locations due the insurance restrictions cross border may be unavailable.  Cross Border Policy: Cross Border Rentals are allowed to the following countries: ALL EU COUNTRIES, Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro. Cost is 56.00 EUR per rental.

Cross Border Rentals are not allowed to the following countries: Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey without consulting local agent.


Fast pick up

If you want a quick pick up from the rental car counter? Select our extra service - Fast Pick Up. It is simple, fast and smart choice. With this service, you simply provide your details in advance, and when you arrive just sign rental agreement, pick up your keys and escape the long lines. Same can be done with returns. Park the car in the designated area and go. We'll email you the invoice. So, why wait, speed up process, get better experience and hit the road in no time.

With NOVA rent a car, the cost of fast pick up service added to the rental agreement is 20.00 EUR per rental.


Island/ferry fee

This extra allows you during duration of your hire to take ferry and drive on islands. It is mandatory one-time fee and valid for all ferries you take or islands in Croatia you visit. Ferry tickets are separate from this fee and must be purchased with ferry company – Jadrolinija or another provider.

With NOVA rent a car, the cost of Island/Ferry Fee added to the rental agreement is 25.00 EUR onetime fee, regardless on number ferries you take or islands you visit.


Pre-paid fuel tank option

NOVA rent a car offers their customers the option of pre-paid fuel. If you want to agree with NOVA rent a car in advance with the car return and minor quantity of fuel in comparison with the one provided on pick up, in order to avoid the charge of the penalty for refueling and missing fuel, you may subscribe at the beginning of the rental an additional option called Pre-Pay Fuel Tank Option. In this event: At pick up you pay for the price of the service, which includes the cost – calculated on a forfeit basis – of the fuel. The cost of this will depend on the car category. You may return the car with whatever level of fuel is left in it. NOVA Rent a Car in Croatia will not charge you for refueling the vehicle and will not reimburse for unused fuel.

With NOVA rent a car, the cost of Pre-paid fuel tank option added to the rental agreement depends on car size but it is from 100.00 EUR


Roadside protection

It doesn’t matter how new or old a car is, breakdowns happen and you need to be prepared for when they do. When you rent from NOVA rent a car you automatically receive Breakdown Coverage for any mechanical faults that may occur for the duration of the rental period. The details of who to contact are on the car rental agreement. Replacement vehicles in some situations may not be provided, depending on the nature of the breakdown.  If you’d rather be covered for everything from lost keys to punctured tires and running out of fuel, you can pre-pay for our Roadside Protection. It’s a small daily fee for complete peace of mind.

Roadside Protection Road assistance fee covers assistance in cases, when a breakdown or damage results from driver’s improper use. This can be combined with all types of coverage. Additional damage costs are calculated based on a level of insurance taken. Fee is valid for Croatia only.

With NOVA rent a car, the cost of Roadside protection added to the rental agreement is 15.00 EUR per day